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Procast turns Binnacle Training’s annual VET in Schools Conference (ViSC) into a hybrid live + stream event

Two male Binnacle employees dressed in black Binnacle branded business shirts and beige pants, presenting on stage. The stage background has pink neon lighting elements with purple lighting and balloons, and a brown lecturn.

In the rapidly evolving world of digital learning and professional development, the demand for accessible, interactive, and engaging virtual events has skyrocketed. Binnacle Training, a renowned Registered Training Organization (RTO) specializing in delivering vocational education within schools across Queensland, sought to revolutionise its annual professional development day for teachers by overcoming geographical restrictions and accommodating a larger audience. This case study showcases the implementation of Procast, Antero’s cutting-edge live event streaming platform, designed to enhance attendee engagement and participation for Binnacle Training’s significant annual event.

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The Challenge

Binnacle Training’s end-of-year event is a cornerstone in providing valuable entertainment, training, and professional development hours for teachers. Traditionally attended by up to 500 participants onsite, the organization aimed to extend its reach, aiming for more than 800 remote attendees. The primary challenges included ensuring low-latency, high-quality streaming, enabling real-time interaction between in-person and remote participants, and delivering a comprehensive event experience that transcends physical boundaries.

The Solution: Procast

Antero introduced Procast, a bespoke live event streaming platform tailored to meet Binnacle Training’s precise needs. Procast’s architecture was developed to accommodate both live in-person audiences and virtual attendees seamlessly. The platform features:

Secure Web Portal
A customized portal that housed event programs, facilitated access to multiple virtual stages, and ensured secure logins for each participant.

CDN Delivered Low Latency Streaming
Procast utilises an enterprise, broadcast grade content delivery network (CDN) to ensure high-quality, low-latency video streams that allowed both attendees and presenters to exchange information in near real-time.

Interactive Features
Embedded chat, live polling, and question submission capabilities were integrated, fostering an interactive environment for all participants.

Mobile Integration
Recognising the importance the in-person audience, the platform was made accessible on mobile devices, enabling live question submission and interactive participation from the in-person teacher audience.


“Antero’s cutting-edge technology and innovative streaming platform transformed our event into an interactive and immersive experience for both our in-person and remote participants. What stood out was the ease with which we could engage our audience, thanks to Procast’s embedded chat, polling, and question submission features. This was not just a streaming service; it was a comprehensive solution that catered to every aspect of our event needs, from security to participant engagement.”

Melissa Bulow

Chief Operating Officer, Binnacle Training


The implementation phase focused on customizing Procast to align with Binnacle Training’s event specifics. Antero worked closely with Binnacle’s team to map out the event day, ensuring each segment was adequately supported by Procast’s features. This collaboration involved setting up multiple virtual stages for concurrent sessions, integrating live polls for instant feedback, and facilitating real-time questioning to engage speakers and audiences meaningfully.

A significant emphasis was placed on staff training and technical support to ensure a smooth user experience for both the in-person and remote participants. By conducting pre-event rehearsals and providing an intuitive user interface, Antero’s Procast ensured that attendees of all technology experience levels could navigate the platform effortlessly, fostering an inclusive and interactive event atmosphere.


“Binnacle’s annual professional development day has been transformed thanks to Antero’s incredible service and their Procast platform. From start to finish, Antero’s dedication to making our event feel like a true broadcast production was evident in every detail. The team went above and beyond, ensuring seamless integration of interactive features and flawless execution on the day. Their professionalism turned potential challenges into non-issues, allowing us to focus on delivering valuable content to our attendees. The feedback has been phenomenal, with teachers praising the engaging, high-quality experience. Antero has undeniably raised the bar for our future events, and we’re excited for what’s to come. Their contribution was pivotal to our success, and we can’t thank them enough for their exceptional partnership.”

Aaron Bulow

Chief Executive Officer, Binnacle Training

In conclusion

Procast, powered by Antero, has unequivocally transformed how Binnacle Training delivers its annual professional development event, enabling a broader reach while maintaining, if not enhancing, the quality of interaction and engagement. The success of the event underscores the platform’s potential to redefine virtual participation in professional development and educational events. Moving forward, Binnacle Training plans to leverage Procast for future events, further bridging the gap between in-person and virtual learning experiences.

Key outcomes

Expanded reach

Successfully catered to over 1300 total participants, including more than 800 remote attendees, effectively doubling the event’s reach.


The interactive features of Procast led to high engagement rates, with hundreds of questions submitted, numerous polls conducted, and active participation in chat rooms.


Feedback from participants highlighted the seamless integration of live and virtual elements, enhancing the educational value and enjoyment of the event.


By lowering geographical and logistical barriers, Procast has helped Binnacle make professional development more accessible to teachers across Queensland.