Sustainability Practices


Antero Software Pty Ltd (“Antero”) is committed to sustainable practices across all aspects of our operations. We strive to reduce our environmental impact and create a positive impact on the community, while ensuring the business remains economically viable. We believe that sustainability is essential to our success and is fundamental to our operations and culture.


The sustainability practices of Antero apply to all employees, contractors and third-party suppliers. The sustainability practices should be understood, embraced and observed by all stakeholders.


Antero is committed to minimising our impact on the environment by reducing our energy usage and waste. We are dedicated to developing sustainable practices to ensure our operations are well and truly beyond reproach – not only being in line with best practices but striving to set the bar for corporate responsibility in this area.

People & Culture

Antero fosters a workplace environment that rewards creativity and innovation, and encourages employees to be more mindful of the environment. We strive to ensure our employees are aware of the environmental impact of their actions and encourage them to take responsibility for their own energy consumption.


Antero reduces energy consumption by selecting energy efficient technology and equipment, and by implementing energy efficiency initiatives to ensure this equipment is managed accordingly. We are also committed to using renewable energy sources where possible.

Supply Chain

Antero preferences working with suppliers and partners who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. We seek to ensure that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible, by selecting suppliers and partners who use environmentally responsible practices and materials.

Internal Reporting

Antero provides regular reporting on our sustainability practices to all interested stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and clients. We strive to keep stakeholders informed of our progress in meeting our sustainability goals.


Antero is committed to reducing waste and recycling materials wherever possible. We strive to reduce the amount of material we dispose of, by using recycled materials, re-using materials where possible, and encouraging employees to reduce their consumption and follow our recycling schemes while attending any of our office locations.

Disposal of Electronic Equipment

Antero ensures the disposal of electronic equipment in a safe and responsible manner. We strive to ensure that the electronic equipment we dispose of is donated to those in need where possible, or otherwise properly recycled and reused. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that no hazardous materials are released into the environment as a result of our disposal of equipment.


Antero constantly reviews our activities to ensure we are complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations in Australia. We strive to ensure that our operations are in compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Further than this, as we believe that these laws and regulations are generally outdated, we strive to set the example for our peers in this space.