Communication, Training & Success – for Educators, Students, Employers, Employees, and Customers

For Large Organisations, RTO’s & Educators

Hive is the perfect solution for educators, including Registered Training Organisations, and medium to large sized corporates who are looking to streamline the processes associated with employee or student onboarding, professional development, and engagement. Our platform allows organisations to provide customised, compliant and detailed onboarding workflows, as well as RTO accredited learning, assessment and reporting features. The community features allow organisations to communicate at scale both laterally and from the top down.

Fully white labelled and customisable to the requirements of the organisation

Ability to post social media style, such as text, photos, polls, and videos with permissions based comments

Supports SCORM, TinCan compliant learning modules

Built-in authoring tools for custom learning and assessment

Supports federated Single Sign On via Microsoft 365 (SAML) or custom authentication via integrated third party

Support for third party API integration

Audit level logging for access & assessment

Securely hosted in single tenant, region specific environments

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