A modern, world class Laboratory Information Management System


Tracking of samples through logistics workflows (shipping or inter-departmental check-in & checkout)

Inventory management, including barcode creation & scanning

Data analysis, with automated ingress and egress to compatible third parties via REST API, HL7

Quality control mechanisms & audit logging

Regulatory compliance through customised policy configuration

Highly secure platform with customisable permissions, data encryption and IP white listing

Personnel access gating via digital QR code, allowing for on-site access control for entry approval to high sensitivity zones

eCommerce functionality for customer facing testing organisations (COVID testing, nutrition, DNA analysis & more)

Want to know more?

Omnigen is infinitely customisable at a platform level, making it perfect for pathology labs, companies with customer direct testing requirements . COVID testing, nutritional diagnostics, DNA testing and so on), high sensitivity facilities (aged care, biomedical facilities with screening requirements) and more.

Deploying a new Laboratory Information Management System is often a highly specialised process. Our technology team are able to assist end-to-end to onboard Omnigen into your organisation. Take the first step below.